Halloween is my favorite holiday. Yes because of the candy, but mostly because I get to show off my artsy side without outwardly bragging about it. This was my first Halloween post-college and I knew I would have to make an impressive costume to celebrate this milestone! I went nostalgic and decided to be a nude Sims character. I had seen Cosplay pictures of peoples’ costumes before, but I wanted my costume to look more body specific than boxy.  So I set out to make the simplest and cheapest costume I’ve ever made.

I painted two poster boards (one for the front, one for the back) with flesh-tone squares to give a pixelated look and painted in darker squares to highlight my assets. I then hole-punched the sides of the poster boards so I could corset the posters tighter to my body. I also wore a nude leotard and tights to keep up the allusion of nudity.

Last, but not least I bought two glittery green pieces of card stock and found a YouTube video on how to make the Sims green diamond (they call it a plumbob). I poked pipe cleaner through the bottom of the diamond attached it to a headband and voila! I was a Sims!