This costume was an amazing idea I came up. I recently got married in July but my husband and I planned a halloween themed reception to take place in October. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a costume since the party was going to cost so much. I knew I wanted to be a mermaid but was undecided on how to create it. I was thinking one day, and got the brilliant idea to use my wedding gown to alter into a mermaid. I originally bought the dress from eBay & got a great deal for it and paid $20 including shipping! It was just a casual satin mermaid style gown with one shoulder strap in ivory. Now for the creative part! I bought 2 spray cans of fabric paint in a pretty ocean blue color from a craft store for $4.99 each. To create the mermaid tail, I used painters tape to section off the bottom portion of the dress from the waist down. I then laid the dress out on an old piece of card board outside and sprayed the entire bottom of dress, which was a little messy but easier to do than I thought it would be. After the dress dried over night, I removed the tape. I bought 2 trays of decorative assorted seashells at my local dollar tree for $1 each and hot glued them across the breasts of dress & along the strap. I also added little beads and rhinestones I had in my craft supplies to give it a more classy look. I bought 2 glittery blue craft picks that look like coral from the craft store for 99 cents each an affixed them to the side of the dress above the front of the tail to add detail. I then purchased a decorative net from a part supply store for $4.99 and cut it and used it as a sarong around the bottom of the gown over the tail. I added more seashells to the net and a few pearl beads for detail. The costume turned out amazing & was the talk of my party. Everyone could not believe that I made it out of my wedding dress. For less than $40 I had an amazing costume and great memories to go with it!