My girlfriends and I all wanted cute and original costumes for Halloween but we didn’t want to break the bank at the same time so we decided a DIY project was the best route to go. We did a lot of researching for ideas and the one that kept sticking out the most was the four seasons.

So we went to the store and bought two rolls of duct tape each in the color that we thought best represented our season. Then, we went to Michael’s and bought the foam stickers and leaves to stick on the tape. Also, for summer, we made a sun at the top of the dress and for fall, we made a tree to attach the leaves to. We don’t really consider ourselves to be a crafty bunch so we were all really pleased with how they turned out! There’s only one catch to these costumes, though, they have to be made the day of because there is no hope in saving them since they have to be cut off.