My fiance and I love to watch movies together. We also tend to like the same kinds of movies. I am a huge Cohen brothers film fan and upon learning my fiance had only seen 1 or 2 – I decided to introduce her to a few of my favorites. After watching “Oh Brother….” and “The Big Lebowski”, it was time for “Raising Arizona”. She loved it of course and after we finished watching it – she said, “we should be H.I. and Ed for Halloween this year”. I agreed enthusiastically and our plan was set into motion.

I had a full beard in early fall and, sadly, already owned the white tank top. I refrained from getting a haircut for a month or two and shaved my beloved beard into some super long sideburns and a stache. Sarah searched online and found the perfect red Hawaiian shirt. I printed the sign and glued it onto a piece of foam board. Then I poked holes and tied a string to it so I could wear it hands free. I used a lot of hairspray and product to get the desired “height”.

Sarah purchased a police hat and shirt, but owned the black pants and a pair of all black non-slip shoes from working in the restaurant industry for so long. She borrowed a baby doll and wrapped it in a pillow case. Se wore her long hair in a “cop bun” and went sans make-up. What really makes the costume is the straight face and her accent (which you obviously can’t hear). She completely nails Holly Hunter’s southern draw.

As with any cult classic movie – there is a clear division; those who get it and love it, and those who have no idea on earth what you are doing. We were met with mixed reactions everywhere we went, but one thing was certain; those who understood our reference, loved it. Lots of approving and knowing nods when we went out to eat prior to taking our girls out Trick or Treating. We also had a lot of Facebook love.

I think we did a solid job of picking something unique, but also embodying the characters we were playing. So much of a costume is assuming the role you are playing through facial expressions, accent, attitude, and train of thought. We had a blast being H.I. and Ed on Halloween.