I love Halloween and getting creative with my kids costumes. This year we had lots of fun creating Cruella Deville and her dalmations costumes. I found the cape at Goodwill for $4 and once I saw it I knew we had to do a Cruella Deville theme!

Cruella Deville Costume

  • My daughter was Cruella Deville, so I teased out her hair and bought hair spray paint and sprayed half of her hair black and half white.
  • For her face I used white face paint and for her lips and cheeks I used my red lip stick.
  • The cigarette holder is just a pencil wrapped in red ribbon.
  • She’s wearing black tights and a shirt that she already had.
  • Her necklace is old mardi gras beads I had lying around the house.

Dalamation Costumes

My boys were the cutest Dalmatians!

  • I got old white shirts and used a black marker to draw spots all over them.
  • I used white and black face paint to draw spots on their faces and my red lipstick to draw a tongue hanging out. I wanted to draw black spots on our dog Sensei, but my hubby wouldn’t let me go that far! I was really trying to create a perfect dalmatian for my beautiful Cruella.
  • The ears that my older son is wearing were from an old Halloween costume that I had lying around the house.

I would say the hardest part of making these costumes was doing my younger sons face paint. He just doesn’t have the patience to sit still and he sweats a lot so the spots kept getting smeared. The other hard part was getting our dog Sensei to give me a good picture.

The best part and the most fun was to see the end result and everyone’s reaction when I showed them my Cruella Deville and 3 dalmations!!!