Our gym teacher costumes were inspired by our moms who were teenagers in the 70s.

The clothing parts of the costumes were very basic, the accessories were cheap, and the diy props were easy to make.

We went out to a local bar for Halloween so we went for campy with “Horndog High School” but you can obviously tone it down for a PG Halloween party.

For the clothing part of the costume a white t-shirt or polo will do and then you need gym shorts or cheer shorts. We chose burgundy because we noticed when looking through our moms’ old albums that most clothing in the 70s was earth toned.

We used labels, stencils, and markers for the “Horndog High School Phys. Ed.” lettering for the t-shirts. We used  poster board, Sharpie markers, and stencils for the props.

It was chilly for Halloween so we wore nude pantyhose to keep warm. We finished the look with tube socks and whistles.

Our costumes were a hit. especially with people that were in H.S. in the 70s.

The best part of the costume was that it was comfortable, so we were free to dance (or boogie) the night away until next Halloween.

Happy DIY Halloween!