I saw a picture of this online and knew I HAD to recreate it for Halloween this year. I’ve been playing around with special fx makeup for years now, having worked in several haunted houses when I was younger. This took about 3 hours to make, including making the flesh mask.

I created this look by using modeling wax, makeup, liquid laytex, blood gel, toilet paper, etc. I took a plastic masquerade mask and using the modeling wax, my regular foundation, blood gel, grease paint, staples, and liquid laytex, made the flesh look that the mask has. This was a long process and took me until the wee hours of the morn to complete. I then, the next day after some well needed sleep, used more laytex, toilet paper, grease paint, cotton swabs, and blood gel to make my face makeup.

All of the hardest parts turned out exactly how I wanted, but I couldn’t get the stick to adhere to my mask. Go figure. :( it was a lot of fun going out that night. I did my husband’s makeup too.

People were disturbed when they saw our costumes, which is probably the best compliment I could get. Some people screamed, some just walked quickly in the opposite direction. I was amazed at the amount of people.that wanted to take our picture. I am quite pleased by the way it turned out and thoroughly enjoyed scaring lots of people on Halloween. I hope you like my submission!