Buy a white t-shirt and white shorts or pants. This dirty last-minute Twister costume requires 4-10 pieces of construction paper of 4 different colors (to make the circles) and black string to hang the twister board around your neck if needed.

For the game spinner, use a white sheet of paper and cut out a large red circle and a black arrow. Paste them together on the white piece of paper and cut out the other 3 colors, but smaller than the red circle. This makes it so it looks like the red is the largest color and the only color you can land on is red. Write ‘mouth here’ ‘left hand’ ‘right hand’ in each corner of the red section of the circle. On the other section with the 3 other colors…write ‘left foot’ or something non-sexual.

For the shirt and pants/shorts, cut out the circles in rows and make sure the colors on the shirt are NOT the circle you decide to use for the 1 circle on your crotch for the pants/shorts. You’ll need about 6 blue and yellows, 3 green, and 1 red dot for ‘down there’.

Hand the twister board from a string around your neck. Too funny!