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Coolest Homemade Pteranadon Dinosaur Costume 7

by Amber S.
(Tacoma, Washington USA)

Homemade Pteranadon Dinosaur Costume

Homemade Pteranadon Dinosaur Costume

My son always wants a costume that you can not go buy at any store. One year it was a Rainbow Trout (He had to be a full length fish. He could hardly walk, and truly looked more like a merman in my opinion.), the next was a Dungeness Crab (which won the contest here locally), and now it is the infamous Pteranadon. Who knows what he is going to come up with when he is older; at only six years old, he is already very demanding. He is particularly insistent upon the accuracy of all of his costume details.

It took us two days to find the right pleather material to use as the skin. The talons were another story; it took some time to find the materials to make those as well.

Here is our version of the Homemade Pteranadon Dinosaur Costume.

Pterenadon Dinosaur Costume

Pterenadon Dinosaur Costume

Pterenadon Dinosaur Costume

Comments for Coolest Homemade Pteranadon Dinosaur Costume 7

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by: Dana (Exorcist2)

That is absolutely Great!

by: Sam I Am

I think you did a wonderful job VERY authentic looking - He must like it a lot

by: bryan

soooo cute

Your son sounds a lot like mine!
by: Kristen

My son is six this year and has also asked to be a pteranodon. He would have liked to be elasmosaurus or another odd "prehistoric sea creature", but I felt I had more hope with making a pteranodon than the elasmosaurus. He's also asked to be a toad and a tornado, followed up by a waterspout, which I thankfully was able to reuse the tornado costume for. I would love to know how you made your son's costume, as I am still struggling with aspects of my son's costume! Thanks for posting the pics!

dino! :)
by: Col-b

LOL :)

im loves dinosaurs
by: jonna

oh awesome! how to im make this?

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Tiny Terrifying T-Rex Costume 4

by Alison Brown
(Yucaipa, CA)

T-Rex Costume

T-Rex Costume

My four year son was obsessed with T-Rex's last year, so Mom had to deliver! I made his T-Rex head out of a children's plastic fire fighters helmet. I turned it around and started shaping the head from cut up cereal boxes and masking tape.

I glued on the fabric with carpenters glue and plastered over the cardboard for the teeth and eyes. I than painted it. I made his feet out of water bottles and more masking tape, glue and fabric. Again, I plastered and painted the toenails. I made my own pattern for the body and little gloves for his hands.

The whole costume cost about $8.00, for fabric and tape. There may be a cute boy inside, but a TERRIFYING T-REX outside! My son provided the roars and even mastered the T-Rex walk, so between the two of us, it was pretty convincing.

Dinosaur  Costume

Dinosaur  Costume

Comments for Tiny Terrifying T-Rex Costume 4

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This is fantastic
by: S Maroon

Has anyone else tried it? What sort of plaster and paint work best without chipping/breaking?

I'm so impressed with this costume and all the other T-Rexs I've seen weren't accurate enough for my little paleontologist.

concerning the plaster
by: Allison Brown

The plaster was the trickiest part, and so here's the long version of how I did it.

After I shaped the teeth the way I wanted, I used left over paint primer. I then watered down plaster and "painted" it on. When dry, I sanded down the chunkiest parts. It actually looks really good if its jagged and chunks missing, makes it look scarier. I then painted with any acrylic paints, mainly yellow, brown, white, and red, like he just ate! Kind of rub it off after you paint it on. The plaster did want to chip so I had left over découpage and painted that on, but I think lacquer or watered down glue would work too! I'm all about cheap and left overs, so check your garage for supplies!

Do the same for the eyes and toenails, except I would sand the eyes more. Good luck!

by: Optimus Tigre

I think I found my Halloween costume for next year! This looks great!

Tail Tricks
by: Sue

It's nowhere near Halloween, but I'm cooking up ideas for a T-rex suit of my own.
The trickiest part seems to be the tail and how to keep it from sagging tremendously.
Would you mind sharing how you formed this one? It looks great!

The Best!
by: Catherine

This is the best dinosaur costume I have seen!
You should consider selling them - I know if I tried to make this for my son it wouldn't look anything like yours!

love the T-rex .....want it!
by: jen

So, you're not selling these? How much would you charge for your little boy's costume or one like it? My boy is 4 and is also obsessed! Jen

by: jaime

this is amazing, I'm a fifteen year old girl and I've found my costume for this year!!!
I'm going to get the supplies tonight!!

Need help!
by: Brittney Swensen

I love this costume! My 3 year old is obsessed with t-rex dinosaurs! Could you give more details on how to make this to a very creativity-challenged person?

by: Jessica

I would love to make this for my 4 1/2 year old. Can you email me more instructions? Any help would be appreciated as I am not artistic but willing to try. I would love to see my son's face if I could pull this off. He is really into dinosaurs and wants to watch Jurassic Park all the time!

Need more detailed instructions...PLEASE!
by: Pam

My daughter found this link and emailed it to me and said mom...we gotta make this! So needless to say, I want to try and make this costume for my 3 year old grandson; who I might add, is totally obsessed with dinosaurs! I am pretty good with a sewing machine, but I don't fully understand your instructions. Is there some way you could please email me more detailed instructions and a step by step guide as to how this is put together. Or I would be willing to purchase this one or pay you to make one! Either way...HELP!!! Please!


Tail Trouble
by: Panicking Mom

How did you do the tail. I am working on my son's costume and came across yours. Still not sure what to do with the tail how to get it so it's not in the way and how to get it on in the first place.

its great.....terrific
by: Anonymous

hi dear, can you please help me in sharing idea for paleontologist costume....waiting for your reply.

This is amazing!!!!!
by: Anonymous

None of the other dinosaur costumes hold a candle to this one!!! Well done, Mom!!! I'm going to attempt to recreate this for my son this year!!!! YIKES!!! :)

by: Anonymous

This is wonderful! Do you have any more pictures?

by: Katherine

I am looking to make a costume for my sons school play and this one is so amazing that I think this is the one!! Great Job.

by: Lisa

I make all of my children's costumes (hate those cheesy store-bought body suits and am appalled at the price)...and YOU ARE MY HERO!

So excited and a bit bummed too
by: Holly

I would love to make this costume, but I need more instructions than provided. Will you be updating? My son is 3 1/2 and also into dinos. He requested to be a T-Rex this year.

Awsome job!
by: Anonymous

You did a fabulous job on this! It is the best one I have seen yet! I started to make it today for my son... Hope it turns out!

by: Anonymous

Thanks for your awesome idea!! I made one for my little dinosaur lover

by: t rex

i luv ur costume. its hard for kids to find GOOD costumes, and this is one of my faves.

t rex
by: toy

how long did it take to make the costume? i am lets say very challenged when it comes to being crafty but my 2 year old loves dinos!

by: Sarah

What an amazing costume! Like so many here, I am a little craft-challenged; would there be any way you could add some more detailed instructions? I've been to many sites, and yours is by far the best!! Thank you!

by: Annoyed

How did he get in it? I see no zippers or buttons and it looks like one piece. Also theres no instructions which seems like its kinda the point of this particular page being that moms are looking for help in making a costume. Yours is fantastic but its of no use without a little more detailed information. Just a pictire of a cute kid in a costume. This isnt Facebook.

Fabulous costume!
by: Anonymous

I would love to recreate this costume. Could you give me any more specific details about head and feet? I think I can create the bodysuit myself (just adapt the pattern I used for another costume), although I'm not sure how to keep the tail from being too heavy. When she was a skunk, I had to tie the tip of the tail to her hood with fishing line to hold it up.

Any help you can give would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Liza Decoteau

Love this!
by: Anonymous

This t-rex is beyond compare! you are a genius.

Absolutely FABULOUS!
by: crisscross72

This costume is AMAZING! AWESOME job! You can't buy anything looking this great! You should consider making those and selling them online.

by: Christina Kontemeniotou

Hi there.
My name is Christina Kontemeniotou and I am from Cyprus. I have a 5 1/2 years old son and he is also obsessed with dinosaurs. We would like to try and make your costume. I didn't really understand though how to make the head, teeth, eyes and feet. Do you have any more pictures or information of the procedure?
We would both be very grateful to you:)
Thanking you in advance.
Christina Kontemeniotou and Nikandros (my son)

Dino Mask
by: Jennifer

I did a very similar head for my son a couple years ago. I also used a plastic fireman's helmet (turned around).

I used the lip of the helmet as a platform for balls of masking tape to form the head and eye ball. I used strips of thin (cereal box) cardboard to form nostrils, eye lids and the jaw and I smoothed it all out with flat strips of masking tape.

I then further smoothed it out by covering the head with plaster of paris gauze, which also helped to secure the eyes, jaw and teeth. Once dry, I painted around the teeth, nostrils and eyes.

After that, I punched holes in the sides of the plastic helmet, stuffed-in the ends of a large strap of elastic and filled the holes with hot glue (thereby making a chin strap).

Finally, I covered the head with a thin scale print scarf material.

I Love This!
by: Ashley

You are truly talented! This is the only dino costume I want instructions for!

Need Instructions and Pattern Please!
by: Tanya

I see many others have asked you for more detailed instructions. This costume is awesome! Have you put any instructions together that you would be able to email me? Thank you!

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Coolest T-Rex Dinosaur Costume 6

by RoseAnne B.
(Weymouth, MA, USA)

Homemade T-Rex Dinosaur Costume

Homemade T-Rex Dinosaur Costume

The head of the T-Rex Dinosaur Costume is made of chicken wire fitted over a Star Wars trooper helmet and two shoe boxes. The shoe boxes formed the snout. Then the head was covered with paper mache and spray painted.

The body is made of two sets of long johns, one pair is the pants and I cut the leg off another larger size pair to make the tail. The tail is stuffed with pillow stuffing. The sweatshirt and paints are embellishments with foam that I cut and fashioned and then spray painted.

The teeth and claws are made of air dry clay covered in paper mache so they won’t break.

The inside of the head is covered with felt for safety reasons.

Dinosaur Costume

Dinosaur Costume

Dinosaur Costume

Comments for Coolest T-Rex Dinosaur Costume 6

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This may be one of the best costumes I have ever seen!

Awesome Dino costume
by: Donna

Great detail - looks professional! Excellent!

Happy Halloween
by: JackL

This is by far the coolest homemade costume I've seen to date. Now a days people just spend ridiculous amounts of money for a one night rental. Great job!

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Coolest Volcano Costume 2

by Angela L.
(Chico, California)

Homemade Volcano Costume

Homemade Volcano Costume

This is a volcano costume I am wearing that is 100% hand made from a chicken wire shell covered in paper mache.

There is a rock climber and hula dancers on the face. You may not see it in the photo, but I actually have hidden containers at the opening where I had dry ice cubes which dispersed smoke.

My wig is representing lava, and I'm also wielding a wand which is an actual bird of paradise flower... and that's the whole ensemble.

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