The blood, sweat, and tears of recreating “tangled”…

As an avid Disney fan, it was a no brainier LAST Halloween when we found out we were having a little boy, (after a long journey of trying to have a child, which is another blood, sweat and tears story in its own regard) that we would recreate the characters of tangled this year! I went a little crazy and wanted to stay true to the authenticity of a true “homemade costume”. Between planning and creating, this costume took about 6 months, but it was worth it. We went to a huge Halloween event here in town with about 1000 people present. We won 3rd place in the costume contest, and I spoke to a lot of little girls who really thought I was rapunzel!! It was just a magical night.

The dress.
To start from scratch? Nope! Let’s “make it a little easier”. When I got engaged I wore an authentic 1950’s party dress to my bridal shower. Sure that I would never be able to squeeze my new mommy body in a size 0 dress, and with it being the PERFECT rapunzel color, I decided to deconstruct the dress to make it into Rapunzels. While I thought this would make it easier, I think maybe creating from scratch might have been the way to go. I disconnected the skirt from the bodice, which was luckily all hand sewn. Thankfully the skirt ended up fitting with a little zipper add in. I created a new piece to create the pointy corset look, and attached it to the skirt. Voila! Now for the hard part. The bodice was a monster!! I opened up the center by cutting down and attaching a new piece made from the same material I added on the skirt for the middle corset part. Added some trim, corset rings, and I almost had finished my bodice! The sleeves were created with a pattern with added ribbon sewn in and attached to the bodice. (Which had to be remade THREE times to fit my arms!!) Lastly I added the lace trim and had myself the perfect rapunzel dress!!

The wig.
Any normal person would just buy a wig and walk out the door, but silly me, I had to stay true to homemade!! I bought one wig that was just plain blonde and 7 feet long. Don’t ever do this and think you can just style a 7 foot wig!! It’s not as easy as it looks! So what I actually did was take a shorter wig, braid it, and braid in three sets of extensions throughout to make Rapunzels long hair. This took me two months. Though I must admit 1 of those months was spent staring, crying, and almost completely scraping our whole concept. I just let my hands do the magic, tried on a ton, and sewed in every single flower into that wig. Feel free to email me if you want a more detailed description of how everything went into it. All in all I was very happy with the end result.

Pascale believe it or not was the easiest part of our whole transformation!! Since my son, Fisher would just be 6 months old I wanted to make sure he would be in something that would keep him warm for Halloween. I found the perfect fleece camo looking material, and picked up a basic pattern for hooded footed pajamas. After assembling all that and sewing it together, I added the scales by just cutting out triangles and seeing them down the back of the costume. The tail was made with a styrofoam tube cut to size, lined with a wire hanger, and sewn the fleece material on the outside. The eyes were the most fun to create. All they are, are small styrofoam balls with small felt circles pinned on! They were attached by cutting out an eyelid shape from the material and glued in. He looked so adorable!!

Flynn Rider.

My husbands costume was pretty easy, though time consuming. The key to his costume is a GLUE GUN!! I took an old jean shirt he had, seam ripped off the sleeves, collar, and the pocket. Because there was a logo embroidered on, I cut out of felt, two shield looking shapes and simply hot glued them on. I removed all the buttons and replaced them with studs and my stud had himself a Flynn Rider vest!! The satchel was also made with felt and a glue gun. I cut out rectangles in various sizes and pinned them the way I wanted them to make the bag, and hot glued everything together. The strap was made by cutting long rectangular pieces and hot gluing those together as well. The belt he had on with the pouch attached was just a standard belt that was too small, and a pouch made the same way as the satchel hot glued on. I added the “wanted sign” and just pinned it to the bag!!

I was so happy that people received our costumes so positively. To see children’s faces respond to our characters was the best gift I would have ever asked for. All the cuts, blood, and burns were worth it. I have never been so proud of a creation and it made me remember what Halloween is all about! So sorry if I went on too much of a rant, and my family and I so appreciate your taking the time to consider our costume. Thank you so much!!