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Coolest Homemade Deviled Egg Halloween Costume 3

by Summer
(Birmingham, Alabama, USA)

Homemade Deviled Egg Halloween Costume

Homemade Deviled Egg Halloween Costume

For my costume, I wanted something that would satisfy a few requirements: I needed it to be warm; I needed it to not make me look slutty or trashy but still be cute; and most importantly, I wanted it to be DIFFERENT! I love puns and word play, so one I was I thinking about puns and I drew a picture of a deviled egg while I was in class, and this Homemade Deviled Egg Halloween Costume was born!

I used an old bed sheet to design my pattern. (Folded to make two pieces, front and back.) After cutting that out, I cut the pattern again on some white fleece (two pieces, for front and back). I cut the yolk from some yellow fleece, stitched it most of the way down to the white fleece, stuffed it with more quilt batting, then stitched it completely down to the egg “white.”

After laying down some quilt batting to fill out the egg white, I stitched the pattern from the sheet to the egg white and yolk. I repeated the stuffing of the egg white and stitched the sheet and egg white together for the back (minus the yolk), leaving room for my head and legs.

I purchased a cheap devil set (horns and tail) from Wal-Mart and also a pitchfork (trident) to bring it all together. You can’t quite see the tail in the picture, sadly. I got the best responses on this costume! It was so easy and just what I wanted!

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Coolest Deviled Egg Costume 11

by Andrea Wilkerson
(Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA)

Deviled Egg Costume

Deviled Egg Costume

I always try to make costumes that play on words, so I made I made this "Deviled Egg" costume for my three year old son, complete with hood and cape out of bright red, shiny metallic fabric. I used a devil costume pattern purchased from the fabric store. The egg part of the costume is made from a puffy pumpkin costume pattern, but with a "yolk" circle stitched onto the front. (It could also be glued with a glue gun.)

The egg is stuffed with batting and snaps at the shoulder. The egg costume is completely separate from the devil costume. There is a strip of rhinestone trim around the cape to add some flash. The devil hood is an extra bonus because if you live somewhere cold you can put a warm hat underneath it, or line it with fleece.

Red mittens complete the look in a cold climate. I added a store bought pitchfork, a candy bag made from devilish flame material, and a eyebrow pencil goatee. My little "Deviled Egg" was all set!

This costume will be a huge hit with the trick-or-treating set!

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Coolest Deviled Egg Costume

by Lorin
(Los Angeles)

Deviled Egg!

Deviled Egg!

We loved the deviled egg pun and thought it would be a cute costume! We made this costume by paper macheing the egg on top of a 24"balloon that we bought at a party store.

We used 2 parts Elmer's glue to 1 part water and cut up strips of a old phone book. We did 4 layers and when it was done we painted it with interior flat white latex paint about 3 coats.

Then we cut out the arm leg and neck holes. We cut the neck holes jagged and then rounded them off so they weren't sharp! The rest are purchased from the same party store a red cape, a red unitard, devil horns and a pitch fork. we also added the classic old fashioned devil mustache and goatee face paint.

Hint - Our daughter Hated putting it on over her head so we ended up cutting it open up the back so she put it on like a smock and then we used white gaffers tape to hold the back closed all hidden by the cape.

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i wanna do this
by: Autumn

I love this, it is super cute. I never thought to make DEVILED EGGS.

How clever!
by: mcorbin

This really is my favorite costume on the site! I wonder how I can make an adult sized one.

love it
by: meagan

This will be perfect for my son ! I cant wait to start making it! Thanks for the great idea!

by: Anonymous

I'm deciding whether to do this or the

by: Anonymous

We just had our second daughter and someone gave us a chicken costume. I would LOVE to have the oldest one be an egg and my newborn to be the chicken. Love this idea, just don't know if I can make it!

too cool!
by: Anonymous

my son is going to be a chick in an egg and I searched all over for ideas, this is awesome, thank you.

by: meagan

I have looked everywhere looking for a 24 inch balloon and there are no where to be found I got a 30 in balloon I just hope it looks as good!

A word to the wise
by: Anonymous

We used the same 24 in. balloon, glue and water mache, and newspaper strips for the paper. We did 5 coats and it was no where near enough. It is a very fragile costume and after all that, our 3 year old wouldn't go anywhere near it. We planned on having one child be the dinosaur and one be the egg, but he refused. We finally muscled him into it after much coaxing and candy, but he freaked...and he's normally not afraid of much. If you plan on doing it for a preschooler or toddler, I hope you have better luck than we did! (or a back-up paleontologist costume like we made in a day!)

by: Gil Espiritu from the Philippines

I would like to thank the one who shared this picture.

We were able to replicate the costume with your instructions....

Thanks and more power


by: Angel

I love dressing up in homemade costumes, I saw this idea and was wondering it this would worked on a small framed adult


Hope this message gets A reply...
by: Davins Mommy

I know I'm getting her a little late but. Our 2 year old son is obsessed with eggs so that's what we want him to be for Halloween- it's September 26 do we have enough time for all the work????

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Coolest Homemade Deviled Egg Halloween Costume 4

by Lisa

Homemade Deviled Egg Halloween Costume

Homemade Deviled Egg Halloween Costume

To make my cool Deviled Egg Halloween costume, I did the following:

I cut an egg-shaped form out of posterboard and glued a yellow circle of felt material onto it. I then punched two holes into it and threaded the string through in order to hang it around my neck. I made two horns out of red satin material, stuffed with batting, and glued them onto a cloth-covered headband and voila! I was a deviled egg!

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Egg sandwhich
by: Anonymous

This is cute. An egghead as an egg...I think the fact that you put in "deviled Egg" must mean John. Congrats on doing a neat thing.

Ham Sandwhich

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