My husband has always been an avid outdoorsman and especially loves to deer hunt.  He does not however love to dress up and go to Halloween parties.  So this year he agreed to go when I suggested this couples costume.  He could be the hunter and I would be the deer he had been chasing.

We have married over 40 years and best friends since we were children.  So the idea of him chasing me was funny to us both.

I went to Goodwill and Salvation army and found velvet pants and shirt that were a nice tan color.  I just cut a piece of white felt and sewed it onto the shirt to represent the stomach.  I couldn’t really find deer antlers to wear, but I did find reinderr antler headband at the dollar store.

But what made the costume really stand out was the face painting that my husband did.  We found a picture online and he used it just to give him ideas.

Then of course his costume was just an orange hunting vest and hat.  I had a toy gun here already so that completed his costume.