We both put these day of the dead outfits together for the Hard Day of the Dead festival. We decided to be a dead bride and groom, wearing matching colors (red and black). I also put an A initial (for Alain) over my heart and he put a D initial (for Debbie) on his hat.

His outfit was a quick and simple one, which took no more than 30 minutes to complete, whereas my outfit took a few days to put together.

For his outfit, all he did was wear all black and superglued a few flowers and the D initial on his hat.

For my outfit, I started by supergluing a black flower and a red flower to my bottoms. Then I created my headpiece, in which I superglued red flowers on a headband from my right ear to my left eye. I bought a black veil, which was a clip-on, so I put the headband with the flowers over the clip-on veil. The part of my outfit that was the most time-consuming was my bra. I made the bra very detailed – I put flowers around the borders, put a red initial of an A and a black heart on the left side of the bra and different sized beads and flowers on the right side of the bra.

What finalized our outfits was the face paint (which I did myself). I also put the same red jewels that we used on the bra and the hat over our face paint, using eyelash glue.