Since we are a latino couple we wanted to do something traditional for Halloween, so I decided that I would make us a Day of the Dead couples Halloween costume.

For my husband’s costume, it was easy enough, just a pair of black pants, long sleeve black shirt, red ribbon for a bow tie, and an old straw hat that I painted black and embellished with gold bric a brac.

I painted his face with white and black face paint but by the time this picture was taken, he had already wiped most of it off from sweating. I took black gloves and painted boney fingers on them, grabbed a kid’s toy shotgun and pistols, and for the bullet holders, I bought a piece of faux leather from the fabric store and hot glued the pieces together to form the individual bullet slots.  For the silver bullets, I found some orange Nerf bullets and spray painted them silver. We added a cigar and a tin foil belt buckle and that was it.

For my costume, I already had the skirt and camisole that looked Mexican enough. Then I took a black turtle neck, long sleeve blouse and painted a boney neck, boney arms, and boney rib cage on it with white paint.  Next I took a pair of solid black panty hose and painted the boney legs and feet on them. I did up my face using some ideas from the internet, threw on a red shawl and a flower headband and I was good to go. We also bought a Maraca and made another one from a empty soda can filled with beans and then painted white and decorated with skulls.