Ask anyone and most people will say that Hocus Pocus is a favorite Halloween movie of theirs.

The sister are popular costumes, but I had never seen anyone make a Dani costume. Our little girls hair is just like Dani’s and I thought this would be a great costume for her.

I had a hard time finding images of the costume, so I tried taking photos while the movie was playing. When I got a decent of photos then I made sketches of what the different layers of the costume looked like.

The base is a black turtle neck shirt and orange pants which I got at a thrift shop.

I made a black tiered skirt with several rows of various trims sew on.  I didn’t need more than 20-inches of any trim  so I was able to use remnants that I had on hand.

Dani has a top jacket that has a celestial pattern on it. Of course, I couldn’t find any fabric like that so I had to make the jacket then paint on the pattern with craft paints.

I made a little witch hat with orange trim and a tulle sash tied on.

Lastly, I knitted a small scarf and added fringe for her neck wrap.

There were lot of parts to this costume and it took a long time to make ,but she looked exactly like the movie character when it was done. It was the perfect costume for our little girl.