Though the show has been off air for a few years now, Nip/Tuck is still one of my favorites!

To recreate the look of Dr. Troy and his plastic surgery patient you will need about $25.  Dr. Troy’s costume was made using a suit pant, shirt and tie.  We got his medical lab coat online for $15 and made a “Dr. Troy” name tag.  We also found a $2 toy syringe that he carried around in his pocket.

For the surgery patient, you don’t need much. I bought a pair of nude colored underwear and used a nude colored bra for that “naked” look.  We used ace bandages to wrap around my top and hips to look as if I was straight out of surgery.  We used red paint to draw on some blood and a “scar” piece from the Halloween store to stick to my belly as if I just had a tummy tuck.  I added a band aid to my nose for the nose job.

For my make-up, I made sure my lips were extra pouty as if I had my lips done and extra blush to create perfect high cheekbones.  We used a hospital bracelet for my wrist and completed the look with the famous Nip/Tuck dotted black lines all over my body.

This was a bold move but totally worth it!