My friend and I weren’t sure what we wanted to be for Halloween, but we knew we wanted to be a pair. We thought long and hard about it, and decided to just go with what it is that we are. My one friend is very sweet, and is just like sugar, and I am a little more fiesty, similar to spice. Making the costumes was SO much fun and we got awesome reactions out of everyone we saw.


  1. Find a white and copper colored shirt
  2. Design the shirt however you like (cut it up, add fringe, etc)
  3. Add a TON of sparkle. For the sugar shirt, we found white/silver sparkle spray and for the spice shirt we used gold and maroon sparkle spray.
  4. Write “Sugar” and “Spice” on the respective shirts. We added “And everything nice?” on the back to add a little bit of fun to it!
  5. We also added glitter to our makeup (lots on the eyes and some in the hair)
  6. Wear and be prepared for some serious compliments!