My 4 year old wanted to be Sonic the Hedgehog. But I had a 1 year old son who in my eyes, HAD to have a matching costume. The only other choice was Tails. But they do not make a Tails costume. Everyone kept telling me Tails was a girl. I looked it up online and his name is really Miles so I proved them wrong.

Anyway I went to JoAnne Fabrics and got the fabric to make them. I’m crafty but I’m not pro so I found the hats online because I’m sure it would have looked like a mess if I had tried to sew masks. The hardest part was trying to get Sonic’s tail to stay up. After I stuffed it with stuffing it became heavy and it kept falling. It didn’t look attractive hanging between his legs. I had to hold it up with string but at least you couldn’t really see the string.

My kids LOVED them and so did everyone else that saw that. I got tons of compliments on them. My son asked me to make it again this year! I’m going to try to talk him into being something else, lol.