One of my son’s favorite movies is Monsters Inc & Monsters University & his absolute favorite color is green, so I was inspired to make him a Mike Wazowski Halloween costume. Only one problem: I didn’t know how to sew! So I dusted our hand me down sewing machine off from the shelf and got to work learning how to sew. Once I had mastered the basics, I began putting together a model of how I would make the costume. I decided to go with a beach ball pattern and I have the opening in the back with a Velcro closure for ease getting in and out of the costume. Once my shell was complete, I cut a large hole in the front for the eye. I traced a dinner plate to get a perfect circle. I used tacky glue and glued my stiff felt piece on from the back. I used the same technique for the mouth & finished with the cornea, pupil, teeth and horns. When my son saw Mike’s face coming together, he got really excited! In order for the costume to be ball shaped and not sit flat against him, I made a pillow with Velcro so that it went around him and velcroed closed and then I put the costume on over the pillow. I was unable to find him a green shirt so I dyed a white long sleeve shirt green and found matching green tights. I also made shoe covers to look like Mike Wazowski’s feet. My last accessory was the hard hat. I found a foam construction hat at Michaels and painted it blue. I then drew the Monsters Inc logo onto a sheet of paper, cut it out and modge podged it onto the hat. My son absolutely loved his costume and didn’t want to take it off! He got so many compliments on Halloween and everyone knew instantly who he was! I really enjoyed making his costume and plan to make them every year from now on! I also made his baby sister a Boo costume to keep up the Monsters Inc theme.