For my first DIY Halloween costume for my four year old was this Vanellope costume from the movie Wreck it Ralph. We watched the movie for the first time early in October, and she immediately fell in love with the idea of a Vanellope von Schweetz costumes, problem was there wasn’t any pre-made costumes available.

It wasn’t exactly last minute, but last minute for a DIY project it seemed. We had black boots but that was about it for the costume itself. We bought a mint colored hoodie and customized it with puffy paint, and also ordered a brown tutu and Vanellope inspired tight by Judanzy on amazon. I made all the candy accessories out of polymer clay with the exception of the silicone gummy bears we bought off of etsy (all hot glued to bobby pins), and the red twisler was created out of felt, a pipe cleaner, and ribbon. The finishing touch was black  hair spray, light makeup for darker and more defined eyebrows and rosy cheeks and nose. The real project was the cart, that started out as as a cardboard box, most of the supplies used we already had. The process started with first creating the shape and then covering it in paper mache, following that was the base paint, details, foam sprinkles, front wheels created from poster board along with back wafer cookie. The front wheels were then detailed with acrylic paint, and the back wheels made from stacked cardboard  topped and detailed with foam sheets and puffy paint. The cookie in the back was trimmed with pink duct tape, the brown felt simulated dripping chocolate and placed on a paper roll cut in half, based with paper mache and painted as short candy cane sticks. The cherry headlight came from and old ball cut in half, paper-mached, and painted red. The other made from a foam sheet, and the windshield made from red plastic, and the straws on sides were made from rolled up poster-board and also painted in as candy cane sticks. Back headlights were used from candy holders and painted red, then hot glued in place. Lastly were the suspenders we bought from the Halloween section, used to hold the cart up. We had lots of fun with reactions from people at the mall trunk or treat event, and she loved it best of all.