The cutest little Dukes of Hazzard Bo and Luke Duke costumes. My son and his best friend really fit the part.. hair and all!  I wanted  their costumes to be as close to the original  Bo and Luke Duke as possible. I did some investigating and watched a couple episodes. I enjoyed them as I did years a years ago and my son who is 4 enjoyed watching them as well.. he wanted to keep listening to the theme song over and over.

I first started by looking for the boys costumes online  at Country western stores, in resale shops, Goodwill, etc  I had lots of luck with Sheplers online. I found the belts with the big belt buckles and the cowboy boots. I found the boys shirts at another western store online, Bo Duke wore a lot of yellow western shirts and Luke wore blue plaid western shirts.  I got the boys tighter fitting jeans at a resale shop. You need to buy a slim fit or tighter size and remember Bo Duke wears lighter jeans and Lukes are a little darker jeans. The boys trick or treat bags I had a lady make on . The best looking and well made treat bags really added to the costumes.

The General Lee “wagon” was a little more work. We took a  wagon and sprayed it orange and black. For the top of the General we cut out wood to look like the top of the General Lee car. We also sprayed that with orange spray paint and waited for it to dry. The next step we found stencil paper to trace and cut out for the”01″ for each side of the wagon. We taped them down on each side of the wagon and painted in the black first and then the white. We also sprayed the center of the wagon wheels a silver spray paint.

The words on each side of the wagon that spelled out General Lee were from a block letter stencils and then painted in blue. On the top of the General Lee for the confederate flag we used painting tape and taped off and hand painted the red, white and blue. and let dry, The stars were also cut out of stencil paper and then painted on. Let all dry really good. After all that the General Lee is ready to straighten the curves, flattenin’ the hills.

The last part is to have an I-Pod or I-Phone play the theme song and the General Lee Dixie horn. Or somehow have that music playing for the added effect!

We took the boys out trick or treating and to a party and the reactions were  fabulous…. Everyone said how detailed we got for the boys costumes and the General Lee. Many people said they needed to win in a contest. Lots of people also said how much they love that show and some even sang along with the theme song to Dukes of Hazzard. It was a hit!!! Who doesn’t love the Good Ol’ Boys!! Especially when its little versions of the original Bo and Luke Duke!

Crue aka ” Bo Duke” and Gibson aka ” Luke Duke” you guys were awesome!! Love you guys!!