My proud peacock!! I wanted to do something creative for my 19 month old daughter’s first night out trick or treating!! I thought a peacock costume would be really cute!!

First I took a black onsie and glued blue and teal feathers on the front with fabric glue. I bought a child size skirt at the local craft store and had to make it fit her little waist. (Made the waist smaller and cute tutu to be shorter) I did pink leggings and pink boots because a peacocks legs are flesh tone.  Her hair piece was a feather with felt on the back and I hot glued 2 hair clips to it. (it was the only part of her costume she didn’t like).  She also had a matching trick or treat bag covered in peacock feathers.

Now the hard part.  For her peacock feathers.  I layed them out on a small piece of cardboard the way I wanted them to fan out. I had to cut the ends because when you buy the feathers they are really long. I hot glued them to the board and another piece of cardboard on top.  I found a fleece neck warmer at the store,  I used it as a belt and glued the card inside the neck warmer, along with some rolled up bubble wrap to push the feathers out a bit.  It worked great for her little waist.

Hope you enjoy!