Well, I live in Germany and fabric is really expensive here. I wanted to make a baby Pokeball costume. First thing I I did was order a baby sleep sack/ bunting pattern and the zipper from amazon.com. When it came I went to the local fabric store, hoping to find a nice thick felt to keep my daughter warm. I found it, at €30 or $45 a meter! Yup screw that! So I settled for the cheap stuff at 6€ a meter. Not great but whatcha gonna do?

I followed the pattern almost exactly except I sewed red and white fabric together and placed the pattern in the middle. This was my first zipper so I had to YouTube zipper foot and watch a video. I didn’t even know what a zipper foot looked like, but it turns out I had one! After the red and white sack was done as well as the red hat, it was time to make it a Pokeball! I used the cheap black fabric and made a 1″ strap to go around, pinned it and sewed it down. I was planning on using  craft felt for the ball on the front but all my local craft store had was black, so I used a compass to make a black circle 2/3 the width of the costume.

For the white part I made a circle 1″ smaller than the black one on paper and used that as a pattern for the cheap white fabric, cut and sewed it on the black circle to make a patch and then sewed the patch on the front of the costume. I cleaned up the edges of the white ball with black fabric paint, since the edges were raw. Oh, and I added a seat belt hole on the front and back because the pattern didn’t have one, can you believe that! I made it 3 inches long.