This Cutest 101 Dalmations and Cruella De-Vil Girls Group Costume is one of the most fun group costumes I’ve ever been a party of. We all were able to choose any type of “white-based” clothing, whether that be a skirt, shorts, dress, etc. We could have white tights, hose, knee socks, thigh highs, socks. Any combination of white bra, bandea, little tee, tank, cut tee or sweatshirt. Shoes again, anything white. I personally bought white fluffy slippers for like 5 dollars. Don’t forget a tail! made with any extra white fabric you have just pin it to your backside in some way. I used a safety pin.

Any white base clothing will work. But then to look good as a group we all used black paint and circle sponges to “dot” everything. So all of our dots were basically exactly the diameters, and distance apart, so that we ACTUALLY looked like a group. We all had black painted on our noses, and red lipstick. Also, we all had the same cut out ears put in our hair which was all put up in 2 side pigtails. The last finishing touch is that we all had the same red dog caller. Having these similarities made us look much better as a group than other groups with this same costume idea.

Then of course, there is always a Cruella, which can be done anyway you want  (since there is just one of you).