As a great fan, I figured it is never too early to have my daughter jump on the Guns N’Roses train, so this year we went as the infamous duo of Axl and Slash! This is me and my seven month old, Molly. As you can see in one photo, Molly is passed out in true Slash fashion.

This costume was put together on a very minimal budget. All items were sourced over time from our local second hand thrift store, and modified with a bit of thread and a needle, or from our local dollar store. It took a bit of research to see what the two had actually worn, and then trying to find similar items, but we were able to pull both costumes off for probably under $20. A few temporary tattoos (for me, not the baby!) and we were all set. Molly played her part wonderfully, even playing a few tunes on the tiny toy guitar I found for her!

Hope you like my cute Mother and Baby Guns N’ Roses homemade Halloween costume.