It was less than 2 months away to my son’s first birthday and I still had no idea what the theme party would be. One evening while switching channels, Disney Pixar’s Up was on TV. I’ve seen the movie several times and am a huge fan; and then it clicked! The Russell character would be a perfect costume along with the film as the theme party. I got straight to work researching DIY costumes online, mainly for the Wilderness Explorer badges and sash. On a Disney website, I printed out the badges on sticker paper, sized them to fit nicely on furniture coasters. Finding a yellow polo and khaki shorts was a breeze thanks to Amazon. Next was the orange flag. I bought orange felt at Michaels and pasted the WE logo. As a final touch, I printed the WE Handbook again on sticker paper and sized it to fit on a notebook. Voila, costume is complete! My little Russell costume and theme party was a huge hit.