I saw a cute little girl peacock costume online and decided to make one for myself. I either made or found all the parts at the thrift store (except for eyelashes and hair accessories). All the people that saw my costume said it was the most beautiful costume they had seen. I even got a complement on how awesome I looked from a teenaged girl!

The trickiest part of the costume was the tail, of course. It was detachable which made it good for driving to parties in. I wore this costume to my own party that was an adults party (no kids). My husband was a Musketeer but afterwards I thought that it would have been fun if we had made him Colonel Mustard or Mr. Green or Professor Plumb from the game Clue. I also wore it to 2 church parties and to play rehearsal (my family was in Beauty and the Beast that year) on Halloween. Everywhere I went everyone loved it.