I have three daughters; the oldest a redhead, the middle a brunette and the youngest is a blonde. This makes for the perfect set up for Sanderson sisters’ costumes from the movie Hocus Pocus. My husband was Billy Butcherson and I played the part of Binx the cat.

I started the costumes by searching Good Will and Arc for basic items. I found a green dress (5 sizes too big) for Winifred along with a purple sheer cover thing. A sleeveless long vest, a scarf, a plaid skirt, and a red dress for Mary. I snagged a green and a purple graduation gown; they seemed likely to be helpful. For Billy, I found a tweed long jacket.

Winifred needed a strip of purple down the front of the green dress that I had to take in to fit my Sydnee , so I cut a piece of the graduation gown and sewed it on. Then I took some gold ribbon and laced it back and forth along the front to replicate the laced corset look. I painted some gold trim and designs along the neckline. She needed a hooded cloak which I bought fabric for and sewed. The kicker for Winnie is her hair…I used a headband and tied some bun hair things to it and pulled hair across the bumps to create the two bump do.

The pieces I had found for Mary needed to be taken in. I cut the length off the vest and laced ribbon for the corset look in the front. The scarf I found was the perfect color and style for her apron…but it was a knitted scarf, so I cut it and taped the ends so it wouldn’t unravel. I stitched some pockets on and attached it to the skirt. I sewed a red hooded cloak to finish off the costume. Mary’s hair is very unique and SO FUN. I used a foam cone and wire under her hair to create this awesome hair.

My mother has dress up clothes for grandchildren and happened to have a pink dress that worked perfect for the base of Sarah’s costume. I, again, had to shrink it. I also cut off the poofy ugly 80’s prom sleeves it had and made some red sleeves out of fishnet women’s stockings. I used the handy graduation gowns and made purple pieces on the side of the dress and put a red one on the front. Lastly I sewed a purple hooded cloak.

Billy’s coat and pants got beat up by some scissors and scrap fabric. I stitched some moss stuff randomly around it all. I painted latex gloves for his hands. His signature look requires his mouth to be stiched shut. I cut some string and attached it to my husband’s lips with eyelash glue. It worked amazingly! If only it could be used for husband’s mouths’ year round.

As a final piece to the Hocus Pocus puzzle, I wanted to recreate the Book of Spells. I used an old nursery rhymes book and covered it with cardboard. I carved up the cardboard and painted it to look like skin. Next I molded the snakes out of clay and painted them silver. I poked holes along the ridges I carved and glued string pieces into the holes so it looked stitched. (this was so fun to see come together!)

We were stopped and asked to take pictures all night. I think Hocus Pocus is a favorite Halloween movie of many, and people told us we made their night when my girls would make faces imitating their characters. I always try to make our costumes because they can be original and more detailed. It is a lot of work, but always worth it!