Our 4 year old daughter chose this costume. I think she did so just for the blue eyeshadow and the red lipstick. The first thing we made was the crown. We cut, covered, shaped and glued stripes of cardboard to make the crown. We then decorated it and glued it to a headband! Next we bought a lil white tutu and a black turtle neck as our basics. We cut hearts and spade shapes out of glitter foam paper, made a stand up queens collar out of tulle, and did some gluing and sewing to get those perfectly in place.

The wand is made from a wire clothes hanger: all bent and twisted and wrapped with ribbon and embellished to the max; topped with a cardboard heart decorated too.  Finally it was time for this bustle train I have been dreaming to make!  We bought some black silk material and a funky ribbon. We sized that lil queens waist and started cutting, hemming, and bustling. We made a Velcro waist closure with a bow front and center, lined the trim of the skirt in ribbon. I put her bustle over the lil white tutu (with attached yellow ribbon and foam shapes), which was over a fluffy red/white tutu (the fluffier the better. She rocked her red hair, crazy blue eye shadow and perfectly heart shaped red lips. She sure made us bow down…lol.