We spent months trying to think of different/creative group costumes for Halloween.  We wanted it to be original and fun!  So, in the end we were set on 101 Dalmatians & Cruella Deville.  Of course, we didn’t have 101 people to be dalmatians with us, so we settled for 3.

We had plenty of ideas of how to create the costume, but finding the materials and being able to afford them was not as we expected.  So, we decided to go with tutus!   Although, this costume takes some time to make, it was WELL worth it and everyone loved it!

Items Needed:

  • White long sleeve leotard (found at any dance supply store) (could use long sleeve white t-shirt also)
  • White boy shorts
  • White tutu
  • Black felt
  • Fabric Glue
  • Needle & Thread
  • Snaps (optional)
  • Headband
  • Fuzzy white wire

So, we started with the leotards.  We took the black felt and cut random shapes and sizes and attached them to the leotard with fabric glue. Next, we had our friend make our tutus out of tule (very easy to do as well, but can be store bought if necessary).  We then cut out more black “spots” and attached them to the tutu with the needle and thread (just a simple stich to hold it in place).  Now, the basic parts of the costume are done!

We had plenty of time to think about how our night would play out and if the costumes would hold up or be realistic. So, we decided that having the leotard, boy shorts, and tutu on would make it very difficult to use the restroom without having to take off the entire costume. So, we bought snaps. We cut the leotard in between the legs and attached the snaps (like a onesie). This made things much easier!

The accessories we had were the boy shorts (just for more coverage), tights, homemade ears, and black face paint (for our noses!).  We made the ears from fuzzy white wire that we just twisted into ovals and wrapped around headbands. They were super simple, and comfortable.

Everyone LOVED our costumes.  We were asked to get on a platform and take pictures, and everyone kept saying that they wish they were that creative.  The costumes were very comfortable to wear and easy to sit in with the tutus.