My kids chose the next year costume as soon as they took off that year costume so I had time to plan, get supplies, etc.

My six year old Oliver didn’t went to the movie premiere of The Boxtrolls because he wasn’t having good reports from school, he did got to see it, so he told me if he could be eggs, at first he wanted to be fish but then he decide the first because fish didn’t use clothes under his box.

I started looking for photos of DIY, cosplay and obviously watch the movie to many times to remember before starting to buy the materials.

I hope you like my version. :)

I made a simple brown pants with elastic waistline, I sew two buttons on the front and one more at the left and another to the right where I attached the suspenders, those I hand painted with a mix of water and orange fabric paint on a spray bottle and let them dry.

The sweater I made with a sport fabric because the box made him sweat.

I chose a bigger box so my kid didn’t feel trapped in it, the “Eggs” image was converted on a PDF file and printed as a poster at 300%.

The bandage for hands and foots I gave them the same treatment of dying fabric with a mix of water and black fabric paint on a spray bottle and let them dry.

For the fraying on sweater and pants I used a tutorial for torn edges on fabric by NorceDanceParty.

The helmet it’s made with brown faux leather using a combination of simple hoodie pattern for the side pieces and an aviator hat pattern for the two pieces in the middle, I used a plastic boning (the one used for corsets) for the halo that goes around the hat where are attached the goggles and wrapped with black electrical tape, the goggles are made with Faux black leather and magnifying glass.

That’s it, thanks for reading my explanation of this costume and hope can be use as inspiration.

Have a good day!