My boyfriend and I absolutely love the movie, Wreck-It Ralph, so we decided to be Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz couple costume for Halloween this year. Looking at cosplay for inspiration, it seemed easy enough to thrift and DIY everything we needed. All of the clothes pictured we got at thrift stores (Savers, Goodwill, etc.) and then altered. Make sure to go to a few different stores to get all that you need.

Ralph’s costume was the easiest- we bought a green T-shirt, orange flannel, and black overalls, all under $15. He cut off the bottom of the overalls to look raggedy (because Ralph is homeless) and that was about it.

Vanellope’s costume took a little more work. We started out by buying a black ruffly skirt, a blue hooded sweatshirt, and blue leggings to match. For the accessories, I bought hard candy, licorice, thick red shoelaces, and white and purple ribbon. I guesstimate it cost about $20-25 altogether. For the sweatshirt, all I did was cut pieces of the red shoelaces and hot glued them on- two longer pieces for the tie part, and four short pieces on the pocket to look like a cross-stitch. The leggings were tricky, I didn’t know how to make the stripes with the ribbon, so I ended up hot gluing them while I was wearing them (ouch.) The hair accessories were definitely the most fun to make. I hot glued the hard candy (Mike & Ike’s, mints, and Sweet Tarts) to bobby pins. I then took licorice and bent two pieces into circles with two halves and glued them onto a hair clip to look like a bow. This was tricky, and the licorice was a little hard to bend without breaking.

That night, I sprayed my hair black, put it up in a high ponytail, complete with the licorice bow and candy pins. I wore colorful jewelry and colorful makeup! I LOVED this costume, and my boyfriend and I had so much fun calling each other “stinkbrain” and “diaper baby” all night. I found that not everybody had seen Wreck-It Ralph, but for the people that have, they recognized us and loved it. I’m proud of the costume because it was cheap and we made it all by hand!