I wasn’t sure what to dress my six month old son as for Halloween, and I wanted him and his older brother to have a common theme. So after my other son picked a donut I thought of another cute treat for the baby to dress as… a gingerbread man costume!

The costume was very simple. I bought brown felt by the yard and puffy fabric paint, ribbon, fabric glue, as well as some cute shaped buttons. I measured my son around the waist, head, and leg and arm lengths. Using those measurements I hand drew a rough gingerbread man shape onto the felt, folded in over to make two layers, and cut it out. I cut the head off of the body section so I could make a hood that could be easily taken off. I sewed around the edges, then cut a little hole for his face to poke through.

Then I sewed the two body panels together, leaving the neck open. I turned it right side out, then added a zipper to the back of the body section simply by cutting a slit and stuck both sides to the zipper. I decided to cut the hands off to make little mittens because my son was fussy when I put it on him at first. I then sewed the buttons onto the belly and painted them with fabric paint to look like icing. I painted a bow tie on the neck, and glued the ribbon around the edges with fabric glue.

The best part was the reactions I got from my family and neighbors about how cute he looked!