I love Halloween, and had to make the costume for both my boyfriend and I! We shared a bond over Pokemon, and I’ve always wanted to be Pikachu, so the idea for an Ash and Pikachu couple Halloween costume was natural! For Pikachu, I went to a crafts store and bought  brown felt for the stripes and tail, as well as fabric glue. At the thrift store I found an old yellow tshirt and a yellow tank top. I simply cut the top off the tshirt and wrapped it around my waist for the skirt portion. Since it was loose I had shorts underneath.

I cut out the shape of the ears and tail from cardboard, and covered them in the leftover fabric from the yellow tshirt, and painted the tops black. I then attached them to a headband. I used the yellow fabric again for the tail and cut a slit in the ‘skirt’ to slip the tail inside, and fastened it at the top with a pin. I just glued the brown stripes of felt onto the tank top portion for the stripes.

For Ash, I bought a red hat and fabric glued white fabric over the front surface, and drew on the symbol. The vest was a jacket from the thrift store that we cut, and same with the gloves. For the Pokeballs, I bought Styrofoam balls from the craft store and painted them to look like Pokeballs.

The total for both costumes together was only around 20$!