It took forever for us to find a couple costume that we both like, but we finally agreed to Ash and Pikachu! After deciding, it took even longer to find a cheap yellow dress (which I finally did online),  but it was completely see through so I used a little black dress I already had underneath it. For the stripes on Pikachu’s back, I used brown felt from Michael’s and hot glued it to the yellow dress. I had planned on making my own ears and tail, but came across a set from Hot Topic! Pikachu was the easy part, Ash was a bit more difficult. The vest is made completely of felt and the white shirt underneath was an old button up of my boyfriends that he hot glued to the blue felt vest to match the look of Ash having white sleeves and a white collar.The gloves were bought at Wal Mart and we just cut the ends off, the jeans were an old pair of work jeans he had, and same with the tennis shoes he wore. The hat was homemade as well! I know they sell them online, but we didn’t realize that until it was too late so we had to make our own. We bought a red baseball hat ($3 at Michaels) and hot glued white felt on the hat, followed by cutting out and gluing the green “C”  on top of that! Finally, my face was painted with lipstick (because I lost the face paint I had bought), and Ash had the best accessory we could find..a Pokeball drinking cup that we found online! Needless to say, our costumes paid off because everyone loved them! We went to a couple of parties and everyone thought our costumes were so clever, asked to take our picture, and to top it off..the cup was a huge hit!