So, I basically started this costume after having searched all over the internet for something different than just your regular sexy nurse or sexy school girl costume. I always make my halloween costume, every year and I always try to out do myself.

So for this Peacock costume, Iwent to Joanns and bought Tulle in purple and teal. I bought feathers in the same shades, in small and large. Then I used peacock feathers from Hobby Lobby for the tail. To make the top I used a black bra in my size, and used a hot glue gun to attach the feathers and rhinestones. I added the smaller peacock feathers on the sides and in the middle.

For the tail, I used a black cotton skirt, cut it to the length i wanted- pretty short in the front as you can see- and attached the tulle in layers, going from long to short from bottom to top, alternating the colors. I added the peacock feathers through the tail by sewing the ends onto the waistband of the skirt. I used the longer, larger colored feathers in blue, purple, and green throughout the skirt as well.

I then sewed a big purple bow on the back, covered the front of the skirt with the smaller colored feathers, and rhinestones.  The tail was then sprayed with silver and purple glitter. For the makeup, I did purple eye shadow/glitter on the inside and teal on the outter edge of my lids. I used eyelash glue to attached feathers on one side, and rhinestones in a swirly design on the other.

I wore green contact which with my brown eyes made them pop! I wore my hair pulled to one side and added a big feather hair clip. I wore silver rhinestone bordello high heels, and black fishnet thigh highs. The hardest part was definetly the tulle. It was so hard to get it to stick to the skirt without melting from the hot glue! I had bits of feather and tulle stuck to my couch and floor for probably a good week!

I wore this out to a couple different halloween parties, and got so many compliments! It was perfect becasue it was colorful and different and not a single other girl looked like me. It caught people’s attention, and tons of girls asked me to make them a costume next year! This is easily my favorite one I have made so far, and will probably still be until I make my mermaid costume for this year!