I really love to crochet, and I also love to wear costumes, so for Halloween 2012 I decided I wanted to crochet my entire costume. Since I’m a big Disney fan, and Rapunzel is my favorite princess, (and also because the wig sounded fun!) I decided she would be my character this year.

I had patterns for the bodice (from Dummies.com- Tank Top with a Shell Stitch) and Pascal (Ami Amour’s Charming Chameleon, available for $5 at Ravelry) and improvised the rest. The wig was a double-crochet mesh cap base with close to 500 strands of yarn doubled up and attached. It ended up weighing a little over 3 pounds with all the hair and flowers, and it took five people working in tandem to braid it!

I wore a cami and shorts under it at all times because the shell stitch led to some gaps in the fabric. I also wore flats whenever shoes were required. I had a mesh wig cap from Walmart to keep all my hair in, and used anywhere from 50-100 bobby pins to keep the wig secure depending on the night and who helped me pin it on.

I was working on the crocheting and assembly for about 2-1/2 months off and on. Materials cost me probably around $50- I only used acrylic yarn, and I did have some of what I needed in my stash ahead of time, so that helped quite a bit. Probably more of a hassle than some people would want to undertake for Halloween, but I love crocheting and had a blast both making and wearing the costume, so it was entirely worth it. I’ve already got plans for crocheting next year’s costume as well!