Pony was our influence.  Moles buckrim and tons or tulle. So many photos I started to fell sorry for stars that go through this all the time.  

First I bought a corset then proceeded to convert it in velvet, jewels and trim to make it my own. 50 yards of tulle cut and sewn to a waistband then shaped so that I could walk.  The head price was designed and created by my daughter. We work together on our costumes.  I sew and she is the glue master. No costume is complete without shoes. I purchased some wedges that the right platform to heel retail so that I could be tall and comfortable. I spayed them red, covered with red glitter and rhinestone and had the perfect shoes for the night.

Pony ringmaster was my daughter’s theme, we purchased a red suit, altered the shape of the jacket and jeweled it.  Her headpiece matched my hip pieces which are pony heads. She finished the look with some amazing boots that have the feel of horse hoofs.