I love Halloween. I live in a small town in the mountains and I have a reputation for my creations. There is nothing more exciting to me than creating the perfect costume! I love being able to become someone else or helping somebody else do the same.

For years now I have been “building” costumes. By building I mean someone tells me what they want to be and I create a costume. Primarily, I like to research a theme, then I hunt and search for one item to build the costume around.

This year I created a favorite of mine that I had been mulling over for the last few years. My 7yr old daughter and 5yr old son were glad to be my victims! We did Victorian Ghosts. Of all the creepiest of ghosts stories, the ones from the victorian era hold the saddest and scariest tales.

I purchased both main items from eBay after weeks of searching. I purchased a vintage wedding gown for $15 and a brand new 5 piece tux for $25. I used cheese cloth that I had torn up to add an old and cobwebby touch to the tux. I then sewed elastic arm/ankle cuffs with torn up material.

For the dress I tore the edges all along the bottom, then I added an petticoat to the underneath. When I was done, I sprayed them both with black hair spray to give it the old and dusty look. I truly couldn’t have pulled these costumes off without the help of my very eccentric children. I do have a slight background in make-up which helps. I googled images of other people who had ghost makeup and just went with it.

I was frustrated that the white sprayed really didn’t work. My son is a natural platinum blonde, I thought it would be easy but I ended up spraying them down black first, then white and silver on top. I topped it all off with silver glitter spray all over their entire costumes.

We got a ton of responses and even had strangers taking photos of the kids. My son even scared some of his classmates because he looked so scary and they didn’t recognize him. It was a great night and another great costume to add to the others I have created. Most years I help create and do the makeup for around 15 people besides my family. This year I focused on them and only them, I am super proud of how well these came out!