My 15 year old son saw a YouTube video about an urban legend, the Owl Man, and immediately decided that he wanted to create his own version of this for his Halloween costume.

He and my husband began by taking chicken wire and  bent it and shaped it into a shape that resembled an owl’s head. Then they zip-tied a hard hat inside the wire form so that it could rest comfortably on his head instead of having it rest on his shoulders so that the owl head would turn when he turned his head. From there, he made a glue and water solution with strips of newspaper and began to paper mâché around the wires. He also twisted long pieces of the wet newspaper, which would be used to make the claws. He let it dry overnight. Once dry, he painted it all black with spray paint. Once that was dry, he took duct tape and two small pieces of PVC pipe and taped four “claw” strips to the end of each pipe to look like hands with claws. Then painted over the duct tape with black spray paint. While the hands were drying, he started hot gluing the feathers to the head, one feather at a time. This took a while! We took the lenses out of an old pair of my sunglasses and spray painted those black and glued them on to make the eyes. I rubbed some vegetable oil on them to make them shine. We used a sheet of black craft foam for the beak. Once the claw sticks were dry, he glued some feathers around the wrist area. We found the jacket, shirt and pants at the local thrift store for about $10. The finished product is awesome! My son says it was by far the best costume that he has ever had. We went to a Halloween festival at the mall this past weekend, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that hundreds of people asked to take his picture or take a picture with him. Some kids were scared of him and wouldn’t come near him because it was a pretty creepy costume. Can’t wait until Halloween! We live in San Antonio and we will probably take him downtown to the River-walk so all the tourists can see him because it looks even better in person! Happy Halloween!