Well, I was inspired by a creepy doll make up tutorial- but I wanted to include my husband so I added some strings and became a marionette puppet – lol. That way he could be my creepy puppeteer. Even though he wouldn’t care if I left him out.

Marionette: I started with a really cool corset and wore a black lace top underneath a black petticoat and some added lace and ribbon. I also wore black lace finger less gloves. I found a cute little top hat to wear on my head. Black stockings and doll like shoes. Two pieces of wood with a screw in the middle to make a cross for my strings which I chose to use black elastic you can buy at a craft store. I cut my long sleeve lace top to my elbows and cut them into 4 pieces which I tied the elastic to so I could slip one on each elbow and both wrist.

I made my face pale and used mineral powder to even it out, then applied doll make up ( rosy checks, pink eye shadow). I covered my eyebrows with a glue stick and foundation and penciled in new ones above mine for a larger eye look. I had 2 sets of lashes for upper and lower lashes to create a real large eye effect. I used a large milk white pencil eyeliner under my eye to make them appear larger. I used molding wax from a theatrical store to create the scars on either side of my mouth. It’s really sticky and hard to work with so I put a very small amount of Vaseline on the palm of my hands before I rolled the wax into thin lines the size I needed on each side then applied a small amount of spirit for gum to keep it on.

When you paint on a thin line of spirit gum, tap it with your finger until it becomes tacky and then stick the scar to it. Make a line down the center of the scar and paint a small amount of red and black- then make small knots (4 on each side) out of thin gauge black jewelry wire (you can find in a craft store). Insert into wax to create a stitch look-creepy! Then finish your mouth with heart like lips in the center of your lips.

Puppeteer: I painted my husband’s face white with black around eyes and eye brows. He wore a top hat and cape over a white vintage shirt and black suit pants. His job was to hold my strings and look creepy- lol.

I tied a double piece of elastic from the front cross bows to my wrists (one to each piece of lace for each wrist) then on the right and left of the cross bows attached the elastic to the lace that went on my right and left elbow. So that left the back bow (if it where over my head) and I tied the last elastic to the back of my corset making sure I could slip that one off the wood if needed to be free of my strings for the washroom etc . only having to slip off the lace with string attached to my arms.

Speaking of arms- my husband’s got sore after a while of holding my strings. lol. So make sure your heels aren’t too high (the higher his arms have to be) unless you can get him to wear stilts- I wasn’t so lucky! Hope you enjoy our costume idea- we got a lot of attention and everyone snapped our pics. Also we won $200 for 2nd place! Happy Halloween and keep the creative spirit alive and have fun with it- we did!