As always, this year’s costume (2011), morphed as I progressed.  I knew I wanted it to be  ghost or ghoul, but that was about the only thing that remained the same from start to finish. Being an opera fan, I decided the ghost would be the character of Lucia, after her untimely demise by suicide.  It could’nt have been farther from that had I tried.  I am also interested in Celtic mythology and that is where the costume seemed to take me.  The end result was “The Morrigan”.  She would come to the battlefields after the fighting was finished and collect the souls of the worthy warriors.

I did win 1st place at a Halloween party, but else where (at work), the costume seemed to strike just too much fear, producing a stunned and frightened state when I told them what I was. Perhaps it was too over the top.  (Haha).  Here is my version of “The Morrigan”.