Well the costume in question is kind of an obscure character in an otherwise obscure film. Rob Zombie’s latest movie The Lords of Salem introduces us his antiheroine named Heidi Hawthorne who goes through a wicked transformation. It’s a cool and creepy costume for a girl or a guy because it requieres a bit of heavy makeup. What you need:

White Rasta Dreadlocks Wig

Prison outfit or black and white striped sweater

black slacks

makeup white and black

I had lots to do before Halloween day because I could not get a white dreadlocks wig so I had to paint it with white acrylic paint a day before so it could have time to dry. It was kinda frustrating because next day it was all stiff and messy, so I recommend buying a white wig from the get go. The prison outfit I bought at a costume store, really easy to find. And for the most difficult part which was the face, I made an appointment in a make up studio and brought with me a picture so they could recreate the unusual skull design the character wears on her face. It took them about an hour to finish because it´s a bit intricate, but it was worth the wait on my home people on the subway were really freaked out, they didn´t knew who I was but I had a good laugh. The result was really spot on and got really great feedback, totally recommend this future cult classic costume.