I came up with this idea for a creepy doll costume for my company party last year. It’s kind of a mixture of creepy doll/puppet on a string  (with stiff movements, and silence).

Start out trying to find a dress with a lot of ruffling- or tulle. I could not find what I wanted anywhere so I ended up with a version of a Alice and wonderland costume. The stockings, shoes and wig I bought very cheap, but the makeup came from my neice and nephew’s left over Halloween make up throughout the years.

I watched a video on youtube- look up doll or living doll make up tutorial- creepy. very important how you do the lips! Oh, the eyelashes are also one of the most important pieces to this costume. Mine were glued about a inch below my eyes, very creepy.  I was one of the ones to wine best costume and am trying to think of something else to top Smurfette and this one. Any help is much appreciated.