I was at a Hallowen costume shop, looking for something that I didn’t think many others would be wearing, when I noticed the creepy yet simple, doll mask. I grabbed one up and starting gather other items throughout the store that I thought would look appropriate with the mask. I then found the bouncy, curly baby doll wig, and then the bottle and candy necklace. I then went to a couple other stores around town, and collected the remaining parts to the costume. I bought the striped baby doll dress at one store, and the long sleeved lacy shirt that I wore under the dress at another. The Mary Jane style slippers at another and the punker skull & crossbone argyle knee-hi socks, fingerless lace gloves and tattered spandex leggins at yet another store. I then put it all together and it turned out to be one of the best costumes I ever owned. I try to play up the part of the creepy doll, and usually present the costume with an awkward “still stance”, I will just remain in place and stare at people, keeping quiet while cocking my head slowly from one side to another, and people will just stare and point, making remarks like “Look at that creepy doll”… “THAT IS WERID”. etc.. It’s gotten a lot of response. I’ve really enjoyed wearing this costume over any I’ve ever worn. I plan to enter it future costume contests.