Wow, Where do I begin. I guess I’ll start with letting you all know that I always have crazy ideas for costumes and I make everything myself including the prosthetic mask in this costume. Sculpted and designed by me, lol. Next the wig was just a cheap buy, I was looking for a really ratty and old dirty looking wig to match the costume theme, so I went to a costume rental and paid cash to just buy a retired rental. And if you look at the pic you can see how poor of shape this clown wig is.

The red and white stripes are long socks, naturally the socks worked great for my feet/legs and the arms are also socks only the feet part cut out. The suit is a Hazmat suit I bought off of Amazon I cut it to look like it was worn out quite a bit. The pockets and  Mcdonalds sign is all hand drawn along with the fancy blood splatter, lol. And the paint… wow it took for ever to find the right mixtures of fleshy tones under a white base to make it look like an actual clown that turned into a zombie.

The mask is actually 2 separate prosthetics that I casted out of foam latex. This was a really fun costume and it really grabbed way more attention than I expected. I hope everyone enjoys this. Oh yeah I  so want to add that I made a “dead” Burger King man that I was feasting on all night with Wendy (Wendy’s) all night. The girl in the picture who was dressed as Wendy is my wife. She NEVER lets me do this to her, lol, this year I talked her into it. Her mask I also created and made the costume out of an old Dorothy dress.