I wanted to do this Peacock Costume since last year. I looked at hundreds of photos, and everything I found was just too expensive or just ridiculously unpractical to wear out in public or to dance in. This was when I decided to just make my own costume that embodied the life of a peacock.

  • First, I ordered a corset off of the Internet, I wanted one with simple colors, one that I could re-wear out, and one that wasn’t cheap looking. The corset ended up costing me about thirty dollars after shipping, and I was presently surprised to find it had actual boning in it, fit very nice, and I got it for the same price as one of the cheap ones at Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe would be!  (sizes run slightly small though).
  • Second, I found three colors of sparkly tool and bought two yards of green, teal, and purple. I sewed together an elastic band and then looped six inch sections starting with my bottom layer first and then up to the top. Later I cut the tool, so it would bustle in the back.
  • Third. I bought peacock feathers. I would recommend online and not from Hobby Lobby.
  • Fourth I super glued them into my tutu, but if given more time I would have bought peacock feather trim
  • Fifth, I found a headband with feathers for 3 dollars at Dollar General and tied a peacock feather too it, and I bought my eyelashes at Walgreens.
  • Lastly, when I laced up the corset, I tied two peacock feathers to the back.