I wanted to create a different kind of costume and what’s better than homemade? I chose cardboard because it was readily available and I’m better with a hot glue gun than a sewing machine. The outer shell is cardboard boxes from my husbands past job at lazyboy, the “guts* were purchased from my local Dollar Tree and the food boxes came from my freezer!

The hardest part of this costume was making the box white! I went through at least 10 cans of paint (not by choice) . I used baby powder and tons and tons and tons of hairspray to get my hair to stay white (at least it smelled good) and cheap white face paint and silver and black eye shadow to get the “frozen” look (I watched a lot of YouTube videos)! This all started because I lost at the Halloween contest at my work so it pushed me to think outside the box! (Even  though I was in one!) haha!

This costume took me about a week to put together.