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Coolest Crayola Crayons Costume 5

by Alyssa
(Boone, NC)

Crayola Crayons Halloween Costume

Crayola Crayons Halloween Costume

I got the bright idea of a Crayola crayons Halloween costume. My friends and I could get as many people together as we wanted or just rock the costumes ourselves! Had so much fun with my best friends/roommate in these costumes and got SO many compliments! The perfect costume for all ages and sizes!

After a much too long trip to Walmart we found materials;

1) Felt for the body of the crayon (color of your choice!) & for the hat
2) Black thin fabric for the "crayola" logo
3) thick black ribbon for the stripes on the top and bottom
4) A basic party hat covered in the same felt your costume is made of
5) Velcro strip to connect the fabric on the side
*optional - it gets chilly up in Boone, NC so we wore black leggings under the costume

Basically, get the measurements of your soon-to-be crayon and cut the felt to the appropriate size. I hand drew a stencil for the "Crayola" and cut all the pieces at once for a more uniform look. (This took a while, be patient). Hot glue the "Crayola" logo and the black ribbon to the felt as seen in the picture.

Cover the party hat with the felt color. Cut the Velcro strip into smaller pieces (it's easier to make a more form fitting costume). The Velcro can be self-adhering but we found it more promising to stay on if we hot glued the Velcro as well. Place the Velcro in the appropriate places!

Add some black tennis shoes for comfort (or heels for style, ladies) and TA-DA!

Comments for Coolest Crayola Crayons Costume 5

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the costume
by: sam.(:

This is cute! I love it and my friends and I are gonna make them for halloween!! (: yay im excited.

amazing costumes
by: Anonymous

OMG, you guys look so amazing. Me and my friends were thinking about the whole mustard and ketchup, salt and pepper, or a fork and a spoon because when you try to do too many people in a group you can tell it is homemade. But yours is amazing. now all my friends can get together for halloween and yet we will all be different due to the different colors. can't wait for halloween this year. it is going to be the best when we go to the halloween dance. omg! can't wait! thanks guys. i'll upload a picture when our outfits are done!!! C YA!

awsome costumes
by: Anonymous

Love the outfits. I think I am going to try it This Halloween !

awesome,great,incredible costumes!!!
by: soccerfan#8

I LOVE YOUR COSTUMES! OMG THEY ARE AWESOME! Me and my friend love the idea. We are totally going to do that for Halloween this year! Thanks for the awesome idea.

by: yo momma

this is adorable !
your are going make me and my friends
look like

best group

this is amazing [:

How much?
by: Natasha

hi i love the Idea, how much did it cost in total?

halloween 2009
by: bre.(:

this is so cute! I love it!! me an my friends are being this for Halloween this year; thanks for the idea

Tototally Chicktastic
by: Cindy Sue

Awesome title right! I love the outfit, it is totally my kinda costume. My real names is not Cindy Sue though! I just wanted to say that this is so totally going to help my costume this year! hope you girls rocked that Halloween! how much was the costume? I'm so excited

by: Anonymous

hey how much did it cost in total after you bought material in all?? and me and my friends are gonna get a little black throw material to put over our shoulders... its uh-may-zing, thanks for the idea.

by: Anonymous

such cool costumes. My friends and I liked it so much we did it! We went 2 a fabric places today and they turned out great

by: Anonymous

that's cool. Me and my friend are being Dorothy and Little Red Riding Hood, but first we were going to be like goth/ hot topic like chicks

Color Guard
by: Kelsey

my color guard is doing this as our band is going to a football game in costume! this is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!

Love It (:
by: Courtney

Very creative idea! me and 8 of friends are working on this idea for saturday :)

crayon costumes
by: candylover

hi i love your costumes! i'm doing that this year, only i didn't make it out of fabric. that would have been the smart idea...i used this poster board thing. the sides are riveted together, and i painted the boards and made a hat and just got green stuff to wear underneath. (that's the color i am)
yours looks great, it's really cool.

New Crayon Costumes 2010
by: Anonymous

In 2010 there will be official Crayola costumes on the market - save time and check them out!

cool :)
by: Anonymous

This is what my friend did for Halloween this year. She and this other girl got together and made these really cute M&M costumes out of regular blue and green tunic shirts. They had the eyes and everything! all the little stuff on it (eyes, mouth, and logo) were black felt they were socute and everyone loved them!! :)

wow amazing!
by: Anonymous

I LOVE this idea I was only gonna do this with 2 of my friends but now I could add all of the friends I would ever want thank you guys so for the awesome idea! :)

p.s. how much did all of this cost??

by: Alyssa

Each costume cost us about $25.00 to make (including the leggings). I had the hot glue gun and some spare Velcro lying around fortunately, but you can get those for a relatively cheap price at a craft store or Wal-Mart. The fabric costs really depend on where you get it from. The leggings are optional but we got ours from K-Mart for around $10.00!
Hope everyone's costumes turned out well!

by: Anonymous

what if you get cold really easily? and u want to put something over your shoulders? but i love the costumes!

by: Mandy

In response to the last one, You can probably just wear a black long sleeve shirt underneath. But also, I really love this costume! Me and my friend are going to be crayons but we were planing on sewing and i guess we don't have to! THANKS!

Easier way

For me, its easier to just do with poster board, and just color on the crayola. Oh and should add the color "Tickle Me Pink" or "Forest Green". For the hats, just put poster board over a party hat. Hope this makes easier. But still love your guys costume. It looks cooler, just to harder. Love from the Czechlaslavalkian gal learning English!

hands down creative
by: shumlex

wowzerrrss! you girls get a gold start for creativity! this is so awesome. We are def doing this now. The helpful tips on how to make it was a huge stress reliever. Cant wait to get started on our costumes. Now we don't have to be pussy cats anymore. MEOW!

Crazy Cool Crayons :)
by: Maddsie

haha, yall are the awesomest crayons i have ever seen. yall have inspired me to be a crayon for Halloween this year, no joke. An awesome blue crayon! thanks :)


the crayola crayon costumes are so COOL(: i think me and my friends are goin to be them for halloween!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for giving us an amazing idea....

by: Anonymous

i am so doing that

Very cute!
by: Anonymous

Love this idea! I will be making this crayon costume :)... I work at a craft store so this is a perfect Halloween costume!! Can't wait to wear mine at work! Thanks for the wonderful idea!!

by: Anonymous

so awesome me and my friends are goimg to do this this Halloween thanks for the idea

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Coolest Box of Crayons Group Costume 30

by Deirdre C
(Pearl River, NY)

Homemade Box of Crayons Group Costume

Homemade Box of Crayons Group Costume

Homemade Box of Crayons Group Costume
Homemade Box of Crayons Group Costume
Homemade Box of Crayons Group Costume
Homemade Box of Crayons Group Costume

In our high school, it’s a tradition for all and only the seniors to dress up for Halloween. My friends and I decided we wanted something different but where everyone could tell what we were. So we decided to be a Homemade Box of Crayons Group Costume! Everyone picked a color they wanted and we made a giant Crayola box and all walked around school inside the box. It was inexpensive, fun and different from what our school usually does!

We made the box out of display poster board, tape two together and painted it like a box! For our individual costumes we each bought a different color poster board and then painted it like the wrapping on a crayon! We all got our respective color party hats. We then rolled the poster board attached string so it could rest on our shoulders and we had a crayon!

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Coolest Crayola Crayons Costume 2

by Danielle

Crayola Crayons Costume

Crayola Crayons Costume

My roommates and I decided that we did not want to be a store bought regular costume. We bought black felt fabric and the specific colors we wanted from the local fabric store and picked up the felt and Velcro.

We also printed out the name CRAYOLA from a website and used it as a stencil for our Crayola crayons costume. Needless to say it was a huge hit!

Comments for Coolest Crayola Crayons Costume 2

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by: Anonymous

omg i love it thanks for the idea

by: Katie

I love it. I was going to be a crayon with 3 of my friends, but I love how you made it a strapless dress very very creative... I love it and I am using that idea and sending that to my friend who is making the costumes. I think she will love it!

by: Anonymous

Okay so I convinced my girl friends to do this, this year and we didn't have any idea how to. NOW WE DO! thanks, LOVE IT!

by: Anonymous

I'm so excited to do this!

by: mollybelle

how did you make the hat and get it to stay?

by: Anonymous

where did you guys get the actual dress from? My friends and I were thinking of being crayons and I love your costume. Is it an actual dress or just fabric?

love it
by: Katie

KARA! the red crayon haha I love it and I'm stealing it!

miss you
cape summer '06-07


Great Idea
by: Jodi

Very cute! I love the idea and it looks pretty easy to make. I showed my 3 year old son and he loved it too. We may use this idea for next year's Halloween.

please help
by: Anonymous

can you please tell me how you put this outfit together? Like did u sow it together or pin or etc... please let me know. My friends and I are putting the same costume together last minute! thanks!

Great Costume
by: Anonymous

Hi, I love your costume and hope to be it next year because the costumes are so expensive and there are all these good homemade ideas.

Yeah crayons!!
by: Anonymous

You guys look soooooo hot!! top tip: paint your self the colour of your crayon!!

its sooo cool
by: Anonymous

where did you buy the fabrics btw i love it its so cool. I cant believe you made it please, try and answer me by Thursday love your costumes bye bye :)

comic releife
by: sarahhh

me and my 5 friends are dressing up for comic relife as crayons and was wondering where u got the stencil for the crayola from? :) x

amazing idea!
by: Anonymous

amazing idea!

me and my friends were thinking about doing the same thing and we didn't know what to do but you guys have given us a really good idea.


i was wondering a couple of things..

1) where did you get the fabric
2) how did you guys make them??

if you could answer these questions it would really help me and my friends.

by: Priya

this is so cute! how did you make them? me and my 3 other friends wanted to be crayons for Halloween but we didn't know what to wear..

Party hats?
by: Anonymous

For those of you who are asking about the hats and how they stick on. there just regular coloured party hats

by: Anonymous

I love your costumes. i saw some other crayon costumes that were pretty good. but yours are amazing, how did you do that? wow.
me and 7 other girls are going to do this for Halloween this year. can't wait for the Halloween dance. we will definetly be crowned best group costume and we will finally beat those stupid blonde cheerleaders. they dress up as the same thing every year but they keep on wining. probably because no one else has any better ideas. we will totally win thanks to you guys. in the cheerleaders faces. oh yeah. I will upload a pic of the cheerleaders faces on here when they realize that they didn't win this year. ha ha. total world domination. that is what I am talking about. thanks so much for the idea. we are so gonna win this year. its all up to us to show those jerks what is up. thanks again for the amazing idea. C YA

by: Anonymous

love the costume idea. me and my friends are definetly going to do this for Halloween this year. even though it is only August 27 it is best to start early so you don't have to rush and if you mess up you can always start again. and you can make it look even better the more time you have to make it. love it so much. can't wait for this Halloween. It is going to be so much fun. we can totally show all our cheerleader neighbors. they think their better than us but this is gonna show them. thanks so much for this amazing idea.


L-O-V-E it!
by: Anonymous

me and my friends are going to be crayons this year too!! u guys look really cute love the dress i am going to be yellow thanks <3:)=p

(: !
by: CrayolaMAX

Oh my gosh this was positively creative and it looks fabulous ! Keep up the good work , girls !

by: Anonymous

I am so going to be a crayon this year!

by: Anonymous

Where did you find the crayola logo to create the stencil?

by: Anonymous

Ma and Cla are gonna have fun this year......

by: Anonymous

that is an awesome costume! I'm gonna be a crayon with one of my friends and we were gonna dye our hair, get green and black or blue and black tights and make a dress! how do you make a stencil? Do you have to color? we were so excited to see your idea hope you guys rocked that Halloween! Crayons totally rule! ~polka dot sweetie~

by: Anonymous

that's so cute! me and my friend are going to try to be crayons this year! :)

by: Anonymous

That is the most amazing idea ever!My friends and I are definitely stealing your idea!

by: KT


by: Anonymous

where did you get your stencil at for the crayola logo?

by: Gollygee

this is such an awesome idea. I've been looking for weeks and I couldn't a costume then I came across this and now my friends and I are gonna be it. Thank you so much.

by: crayola

awesome idea. I might be a crayon now

Hey ?
by: Jennifer

Where did you find the stencil part. We are trying to do this for us for Halloween for a preschool class. We really love the outfit. Your help would be awesome

by: da' asomeness

that's really cool and all, but where do you get the stencils? Me and a group of 5 friends love that idea!

sooooooo cool
by: morgan

that is a great idea i was planning on being one and now I know what it will look like!

by: Ali

This is such a good idea. I hope its not too hard to make because this is what we are planning I'm being this year :)

i hav a question
by: Anonymous

Is the cloth that your wearing really felt?
anyways I really like the costume.

by: Rainbow crayon

Wow ace girl's I have to have a night out like this team crayon's are gonna love it . Was it easy to make x

by: :D

I love your costumes I know wat i am going to next year!!!!

by: Alexx

Oh wowz. They are wonderful costumes!

by: Mel F

This is such a cool idea! Just what I've been looking for! Thanks :)

by: Anonymous

I did this! Everyone loved it and it was not super hard! My best costume! for younger kids you could add straps of black or the color, and wear long sleeve shirts/leggings underneath!

same idea..ish..
by: Anonymous

me and my mate decided to go as crayons to a fancy dress party, and this was the kind of thing i was looking for. we were going to get morph suits but i had no idea how to show that we were crayons, so the stenciling thing with the 'crayola' logo/name is a big help. :)

Where did you get the stencil
by: Anonymous

where did you get the stencil?!

by: Sam

Me & my 2 sisters want to make this, Please let me know Exactly how this was done:) Thanks a bunch!

thnx :)
by: Anonymous

thats a really cute idea.
my friends and i LOVED it, and we're gonna be that for Halloween :)

Thanks so much for the idea :))

by: Anonymous

Thats a super cute idea haha loved making it

by: Anonymous

Pretty sure you can go online are print out an enlarged copy of the Crayola logo...

how to?
by: Anonymous

Exactly how do you get the dress to stay together? like did you sew it or what? and how did you get it to stay on?

by: Anonymous

its a cute idea(:
what specific type of fabric did you use?

Want directions
by: scottsgem

Would love to know how you made them...

please help!
by: Anonymous

I was wondering how you made the actual fabric/dress? How does it stay up? Thanks.

by: Anonymous

So you guys look amazing... Me and my friends are trying to put it together but it just doesn't seem to be working.. I have a few questions..

1. How did u keep the dress together?
2. What fabric did you use to make the dress?

Thanks soo much!

How to make the tube?
by: TotesConfused.

I am freaking out about this "last minute" thing!!
How do you make the actual dress part?

please help :)
by: kim

hi we r doing the crayons in a couple of months we have got the stuff to make the dresses i just wanted to no how did u make the hats we r a bit confused on that one xx

well done
by: Anonymous

if me my roommates weren't all guys we would totally do that.

Great Costume!
by: Anonymous

Did this last halloween with a couple friends and it was fan-freaking-tastic! everyone loved our costumes! But a tip, make sure you cut out all the crayola logos at the same time or else it wont all be uniform

by: Anonymous

Hey love the costumes could u tell me step by step how you made them? :)

by: g

hot ;)

by: Anonymous

Lol about my title but that looks sooo coool.
(wanna do that except i don't celebrate halloween... ya it sucks...)

by: girl friend

you girls need bigger boobs to wear the costume

by: Anonymous


Powerpuff Girls
by: Marlyn

I am ok that my colors

by: Anonymous

ok so how did you attach the velcro? and wear did u attach it? Thanks i need the help for this one, and you did an amazing job!

i liked this ldea
by: sashaymenow

that's so cool 1 year 4 halloween i was a mailbox and my brother was the mail.

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Coolest Crayola Crayons Halloween Costume 6

by Christina
(Little River, TX, USA)

Crayola Crayons Halloween Costume

Crayola Crayons Halloween Costume

We wanted to be something different but yet as a group. It ended up being the two of us. This Crayola crayons Halloween costume was something decent, cute and very unique. We definitely got everyone's attention.

We started with the homemade dress, and then snowballed into the wig, make-up, boots etc.

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