Costume by Haley D., Chandler, AZ

My sister and I wanted to have a crayon costume for Halloween. To do this we bought our favorite color felt from a craft store. Depending on size you just need enough to go around your body plus enough for a hat.

You also need black felt (about 1 yard) to spell out Crayola and whatever color you would like to be. Not being good with needles I pinned the back with safety pins from bottom to top. This is also easy to get in and out of. I also cut arm holes where it feels comfortable.

Cut out squiggly pattern and CRAYOLA as well as your color with the black felt. For example we were GORGEOUS GREEN and PRETTY PINK.

To make the hat we made a cylinder shape and fabric glued it. Attaching the letters also with fabric glue, you are all set to color with your crayon costume. (The picture of the other girl in the middle we used the same instructions and pattern but created a pixie stick rather than a crayon).

Total Spent: $15